Five Ways to Recognize — You need to HALT


Chuck E. Cheese could have done me in . . . but it sure was FUN.

Five Ways to Know You Are HALT —
Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.


1.  You are short with your kids.

2. You have had no “alone” time.

3. You are tired, or dragging a bit.

4.  You sigh a lot more than normal.

5.  A small project looks much, much bigger.


What do you do?


Take some time — sooner the better, and gain some perspective.  Time with the Lord, a walk, journal, or just reflect.  Do something that is a filler for YOU.  Pray.

If you are a “blogger”  — like me, tell your friends that you are doing two things:

  • Taking the rest of this week off.
  • Moving the blog to a 3x per week after Thanksgiving under a new format.

Have a great day — read your HALT within yourself and others.


2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Recognize — You need to HALT

  1. Some pipes under my sink almost did me in this morning. I thought of this. The problem seemed bigger, but in reality I was overwhelmed by other things. HALT. Good call.

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