Paul’s Maxims – the 10

IMG_1311.JPGHere are the ones that come to my mind over lunch today…. enjoy!  What are yours?

  1. Always willing and available to help – neighbor, family, friend, whomever. (Heck, he saved homeless person out of the ravine/wash in a rainstorm.  And, was on the news!)
  2. Very good at “thank you’s.” Always creative.  Never just a card.
  3. Clean while you cook. As dinner is served, there are no dishes.
  4. Set up “watches” on Ebay. If I ever said there was something I was looking for, he would send me a listing of it for sale.
  5. Collect retro – it’s cool. Brockman dishes… others think are outdated, Paul made cool again.
  6. Work hard, play hard, and rest. Like my dad, he did have to “lay down” most days.
  7. Allow the creative to come out. Art, rock walls, forts, you name it.  Always had a flair.
  8. Patiently wait for what you want. Never felt impatient like me… was willing to do it right and patiently wait.  Last example, was not to paint his car until the heat was down in Vegas.
  9. One person’s junk, is another person’s jewel. He would buy “junk cars” and part them out and make up to 3x what he paid for the car.    He would find something at an estate sale and make a profit just because he knew the value.
  10. Invest in your home. Paul made his and Wendy’s home a paradise…. A little here and a little there….

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