Yep, Do it Once, Do it Now — that’s our comforter, bed spread, and mattress pad all being washed at the same time.

Do it ONCE, and Do it NOW.

Yesterday there was a spill on our bed — it would have taken multiple washes in our machine.  I had two hours of calls to make.  So, I took them all to a laundry mat with my bag-o-quarters and we “did it all at the same time.”

I stood there at one point and thought — this is so efficient. 

Another efficient term I use a lot — “kill two birds with one stone.”    You know this phrase, but do you live it. 

Here are my 5 Principles to ACTIONS:

  • Choose to do things that can be done together.  Making calls while accomplishing other things such as driving or shopping.
  • “Knock it out.”  You know, those little tiny tasks .  . . thank you note, dropping off a form, scheduling an appointment, letter of rec, or returning phone calls.
  • List items on paper — no more than 5.  It is amazing when you have them written down how much faster they get done.
  • Look at some errands as O.T.A. — Driving to pick something up in Carlsbad is an O.T.A. for other things:  Opportunity To Achieve.  It changes your perspective.
  • Finding something from the past that is CLOSE.  Talks, letters, emails, powerpoints — anytime you don’t have to reinvent the wheel — the better!

Have a great day.

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