60th — The SHOULD BE List

Paul – I miss you, I love you, and this is just – not right.

Tomorrow (January 5)  would be your 60th birthday.  Here is my list of – you “should be” doing this or that… I think none of us can believe that you aren’t here.  No, I don’t want to go back to the hospital where we all frantically flew to, only to see this be the last time we would be with you.  No, I would rather just imagine that you are at your home, and we have been too busy to talk on the phone.

You should be:

  • Playing golf for your 60th, and crushing your drive straight down the middle.
  • Eating some form of dessert, and commenting how you “hate yourself for doing it.”
  • Having a ton of Facebook posts wishing you a happy 60th.
  • Waking up at 5 AM, reading the paper in your bed getting your “delish on.”
  • Working on your Tiger in the garage, especially now, the cool season in Vegas.
  • Walking the little “bad seed” Henry down to the park with the neighbors.
  • Getting spoiled from your loving wife Wendy, who thinks you walk on water.
  • Packing up some boxes for things you just sold on Ebay.
  • Calling mom and Debbie – as I am sure they would have flown into Vegas for your birthday and coordinate their pick-up at the airport.
  • Planning your next hunt with Doug.
  • Talking to Bobbie and Denman on the phone – as you did most days.
  • Going to the club and getting your “chill” on in the lobby before or after your workout.
  • Going to Home Depot or Lowes to just “look at a few things” you might need.
  • Blowing off the back patio.
  • Cleaning the pool.
  • Edging the lawn.
  • Up in your Man Cave – don’t know why – it just sounds cool.
  • Getting cards in the mail.
  • Having a party of some sort with your Vegas friends.
  • Starting to prepare and pack bags for your trip to Hawaii…. Which you love!
  • Getting some golf sponsors for your annual Golf and Grow trip – which you loved.

I am sure I am missing some of the things you “should be” doing… but, know that I am missing you as much today as September 15th.  Love you Paul.  Miss you.  Happy 60th tomorrow — hope you are at least having some form of cake.

Your littlest bro,



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