Charlie Turns 6 — Daddy’s Top Ten



The Amazing Charlie .  . .
He turns 6 on November 20th, but for his San Diego birthday it’s “game on” today!

Charlie is an amazing boy — here is my top ten list of what I love about Charlie!

10. Charlie wakes up every morning, and I mean every, HAPPY!

9.  Charlie loves to play.  He plays hard, he plays fair, and he plays until he is dirty and sweaty.

8.  Charlie cares for other people and will even tear up if someone is hurt.

7.  Charlie loves SWEETS!  He never saw a cookie or a cupcake he didn’t like.

6.  Charlie loves Lego’s, and can create cool things — like guns, lasers, and ships.

5.  Charlie loves Jesus.  He goes to Awana, church, and VBS.  He can still sing the songs!

4.  Charlie is a leader — he can take his own initiative to build, create, or even deal with adults when it is something he wants.

3.  Charlie loves his brother Hudson — He looks up to Hudson, and they are each others biggest FANS.

2.  Charlie is tough.  Lately, he has taken a few hits to the face.  He grits his teeth and keeps on playing . . .

1.  Charlie has extra doses of love in his life.  Because of his story, he has even more people who love him than others his age.
Happy Birthday Charlie!
Love Daddy!


One thought on “Charlie Turns 6 — Daddy’s Top Ten

  1. He is an amazing story. I still remember day 1. His amazing story is just beginning. God has great plans for him.

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