This is an example of the napkin talk if you and I sat in a coffee shop . . .

This is an example of the napkin talk if you and I sat in a coffee shop . . .

Accomplishing a VISION through teams.

In my experiences I have had the chance to pull off a lot of visions.  Banquets, golf tournaments, publications, partner campaigns, sales, conferences, Young Life camps, and a myriad of other fun things.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a person who was running a large event.  As with most of the meetings like this I tend to do the same thing — look for paper or a napkin, look for a pen, and then start asking questions and then making a diagram.  Today, I made a diagram that is very similar to one I have made many times — pretty much any event I do starts with a picture very similar to this.

The people who don’t start with this — maybe think that they don’t want to bother other people, maybe they don’t want to hear “No!”, or maybe they just want to be a “lone ranger” of sorts.  I think of Jethro’s words to Moses — “What you are doing is not good!”

What is a big SOMETHING off in the distant future you are in charge of, you are wanting to “pull off,” or you need to do.  Why not start NOW?  Who are your CORE PEOPLE.  This is your inside team — I placed them right under YOU on the diagram.  These are the people that you will meet with frequently, you will buy coffee for, you will dream with, and they will OWN this event or project with you.

Each of these people are responsible for “owning” the task, the event, the camp, the donor acquisition with you.  As you meet, have calls, send emails back and forth you are clear on the bottom of the diagram — HOW ARE WE DOING TOWARD THE GOAL?

Is it a 30 team golf tournament?  Is it a 25 table breakfast?  Is it a 200 person camp?  Is it a real estate marketing blitz?  Is it an end of year insurance policy quote and write-up campaign?

If you are a “Lone Ranger” then you can only accomplish so much.  If you work with, value, invest in, and pour into a team around you . . .WOW!

Yes, there will be marketing, emails, brochures, letters, calls, and social media . . . and that will certainly help and drum up some additional action.  But, the core of the ACTION will come via a team that you meet with, pour into, and keep on task!

Have a great Friday,







    1. Very good way to lay out the framework for a plan to “pull of a vision”, but what is missing is the temporal component, i.e., who is doing what when, the list of tasks required to accomplish the objective, who is responsible, the resources required, and when they need to be accomplished … the plan.

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