I certainly have more . . . but these are all WINNERS.

A few weeks ago I saw a picture of someone’s “stack of books” next to their bed.  I remember thinking, “I like that.”  These books are not by my bed.  I have read them, finished them, and they are making their way to my bookshelf now.  Here is what I like/remember about each of these books:

  • Becoming a Coaching Leader.  Wow, what a great read.  This takes the steps of life coaching and breaks them down into the what and whys.  I have read and re-read parts of this book many times.
  • Platform.  I read this in July and started this blog.  It’s a very loud world out there — how will you be different.
  • Love Does.  There is only one Bob Goff.  Love this book.  Very funny, easy read, and taps your heart every now and again.
  • Getting Things Done.  This was a good old fashioned — PUNCH LIST book to how to be more organized.  Like it!
  • The Intercessor.  Biography on Rees Howells.  Wow, what an inspiration.  This is about prayer and the Holy Spirit!
  • Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.  Another “show stopper.”  This is about prayer and the movement of God.  LOVED IT!
  • Millionaire Next Door.  I found this to be convicting . . . live within your means, save, have a plan, and don’t buy into the world’s message — you need MORE!

Again, these were the books within my reach today . . . I may do this again.  Who knows!

My new program is to blog M, W, and F.  Trying on something new. . . . I like change.

Have a great day!




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