CONGRATS– Phillips “Cookbook” Bible Winners!

Afton Vander Pol from Redmond, WA —  Congrats!
This is what Afton said of the blog — “Your blog is  one of the first things I do in the morning. I love how you are honest, real and clearly Jesus is the center of it all. I have found your blog as an encouragement at times, very helpful and I have also used many of your posts as a discussion with others. Thank you for your wisdom, your faith and being so real with us all.

Look forward to keep reading it.”


Debbie Schukar from Williams, AZ.  Way to go Debbie!


Here is what Debbie said about the blog:  “I love reading your blog because its encouraging!  I love the variety of topics and different practical ideas.  I especially enjoyed the bucket list blog!  Good thoughts!”


Thanks — and cannot wait until the next give-a-way!



One thought on “CONGRATS– Phillips “Cookbook” Bible Winners!

  1. Dang it I wasn’t aware of the give away. Anyways congrats to everyone who won! And thanks Sco for such a great blog!


    Chris Gutierrez Young Life Riverside, Director 562.882.7149

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