One Father’s Response

Here’s a mid-day update.  One of our readers took the time to send his son an email and answer the following questions.  He sent me a copy, of which I am showing you.  It’s always a great thing to pass on answers to questions to those you love.  Whether you are a mom or a dad, and whether you have a son or a daughter — shoot, whether you have friend or anyone important — let them know!  Enjoy!


** One Dad’s answer to his mid – 20’s boy to these questions . . .

A meaningful memory that you have with your son, share this with your son.
When was a moment (there are many) that you were so proud that your son was your son.
One hope you have going into this year for you and your son.
Regarding appreciation.  “One thing I don’t tell you enough is . . .”

1.  There are so many meaningful memories about you throughout my life, from you arranging fireworks on your bedroom floor, to staying in your night-night t-shirt nearly the entire day just enjoying the simple things.  But I loved our alone trips together, hunting, Bear Canyon, and the trip to Texas to buy “Pied Piper.”  Your photographic memory was amazing and entertaining.  You were, and are a joy to be around.

2.  There have been so many!  I have always been so proud of people telling me how much they enjoy  you, from the early days of Mom wanting to take you shopping because you were low maintenance, to Mr Walsh just loving having you as a student in his class.  Most recently, I loved caddying for you and seeing how much your friends respect you.  Yes, even the “crazy” off-the-beaten-track  disc players from New Mexico really respect your life, your style and what you bring to the table.

3.  One hope I have is that you can get this house deal closed and move forward.  You have done this house thing all by yourself, and that makes me proud.  I want what you want.

4.  One thing I don’t tell you enough is just how proud I am of you, and how much confidence I have in your ability to continue a meaningful life.  I tell you “I love you” a lot, because I do.

Love Dad

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