A “Red Eye,” new friends, Tiger Steak, and a golf shirt with a Logo!

Today was a great day.  I am tagging along with Ben Crane at the John Deere Classic.  We had a marvelous day.  Here are some top highlights for me:

  • Flew here to Moline, IL on a “red eye,” arriving at 9:00 a.m.
  • Was picked up by Dick, a wonderful elderly gentleman who responded when I asked him – “Why do you volunteer with this tourney?”  His answer was, “I either get out and do something or I sit home and twiddle my thumbs.  My wife has Alzheimer’s, and I have nothing to do.  Driving people around gives me some purpose.”  (Pray to the Lord of the harvest!)
  • Walked the course with a junior in high school, Dylan.  We had a great time talking about life, summer, golf, and cheering on Ben! 
  • Had an amazing Thai dinner — http://www.exoticthaiquadcities.com/ — go to this place!  Wow!  Order Tiger Steak – it was money.
  • Heard the prodigal story of Dave Krueger – who spoke this week at the PGA Chapel.  Dave serves with Search Ministries — http://www.searchministries.org/

But, here is the biggest take away from the day for me.  The power of a logo.  I wore a Young Life shirt that I purchased at Lost Canyon.  I had over 6 people come up and inquire, talk, and share a story of Young Life.  Three were PGA golfers, one was on committee, and one was a camper at Frontier when she was in high school. 

Everytime I wear a YL shirt I am more and more convicted to go out and get one for every day of the week.  Maybe there is something to the fact that all these PGA golfers have logos all over their clothes and golf bags. 





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