Lessons from our boys


Lessons from our boys!


Lesson 1  “It’s Coffee Time!”


Every morning we have “coffee time” at our house.  It usually happens right around 6:30 A.M.  The purpose is to sit together as a family, drink our coffee, and talk all about all that has happened since we last sat together (8 hours earlier).  It is amazing that even though we just spent the majority of that time sleeping, there’s much to talk about.  Hudson and Charlie (and Marni and I as well) really do look forward to this time together.  It’s a tradition, it’s a time to talk, it’s a ritual.


“What were you discussing as you came along?”  Jesus had great discussions with his disciples.  This one happened as they stepped inside for a break after a long walk.  (Mark 9:33)  


Take Away:  Get time with important people to you — talking.


Lesson 2  “Work Hard, Be Kind”


Hudson and Charlie’s (this year) school was Shoal Creek Elementary.  This is the phrase that they say all the time.  Hudson has befriended a little girl named Victoria.  It really is a cool deal.  The best part was that the teacher said that Victoria was a loner and not engaging with the class.  She is painfully shy.  Hudson took it upon himself to get her involved.  It’s his version of “be kind.”


“So go on cheering and strengthening each other . . .”  1 Thess. 5:11


Take Away:  Be kind to those that need it.  


Lesson 3  “I want a meeting!”


A few years ago, when Hudson was 5, we had a Young Life “interest” meeting.  At the end of the meeting Hudson asked if he could lead a section.  He came up front with his name tag on, a pencil, and a clipboard.  He said a few things, made a version of an announcement and then he was done.  Later, at another meeting I forgot to let him lead the meeting a bit.  The meeting ended and people left — Hudson was crushed to not have had a chance to “lead for a bit.”


“Come on then!”  Jesus words to Peter regarding stepping out of the boat and onto the water.  A very empowering moment.


Take Away:  Remember to empower those around you.  


Lesson 4  “Just write it in your germinal”


Marni gets up most days between 4:30 and 5:00 A.M.  I was out of town one day last month and Hudson got up earlier than normal.  Marni told him that it was not quite time to get up, unless he was going to sit quietly.  Hudson left and came back with a notebook and his bible.  He was busy drawing lots of lines and reading (out loud) the same verse over and over.  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  Marni asked him what he was doing and Hudson responded, “I am writing in my germinal of course Mommy.”


“Let Christ be your example as to what your attitude should be.”  Paul’s word to Philippians in chapter 2 verse 5.  I am focusing on the word example.  The only reason Hudson wants to journal is he has SEEN it.


Take Away:  Model the right things


Lesson 5  “Come be cozy!”


I love the fact that when Hudson and Charlie decide it’s cozy time it means a couple of things.  One, it means they are tired.  Two, it means that they get  EVERY important thing to them. (Pajamas,  books, blankie for Char, snack for Huddy)  Everyone has to be together COZY and under their blankets.  At some point, everything is just right, and you know this because both boys will hmmmmm and say, “Cozy!  It’s so nice to be cozy!”


“Peter turned and saw following them the disciple whom Jesus loved, who had laid close to his chest at the supper.”  John 21:20  Isn’t this amazing!  Disciples loved to be “cozy!”  It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s a calm in a life of chaos.


Take Away:  Be cozy with the ones you love.


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