Young Life – Forward (A movement)


Some of you know that Young Life had an initiative from 2009-2016 called RWOK – Reaching a World Of Kids.  There were so many amazing things that happened in those years – there are too many to count.  There are even words we use TODAY that first surfaced in RWOK.  (Think Fidget Spinner…)

Words like:  DGL (Developing Global Leaders), Armenia Camp, Next Gen Leader, Day one at Clearwater Cove, Atlanta Project, Flight School Training in NY, Tudor Farms, COW (Camp on Wheels), Carolina Point, Camp in West Virginia, Young Life College start-ups (30-180), Latino Initiative, new Capernaum ministries all over, doubling of our ministry to teen moms with Young Lives, and a new Division in Greater New York.

Pray for Young Life as we move into what we are calling the Forward Movement.  This will span until 2022 and we believe that we will be using words in 2022 that we don’t even have today!

Pray with us — and bless you!

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