Pithy Phrases to LIVE By! (Change your life to write yours!)

Recently, I heard a man I really respect say he was going to share with a group of us his “maxims.”  I had to look this word up.  “Maxim:  a short, pithy statement, a general truth or rule of conduct.”  He then proceeded to share his… and it was motivational.  All I can say is that after he shared his maxims, well, I wrote mine.  And today, I am going to share with you the Scofield Maxims – all 12 of them!

  • You are the CEO of your walk with Jesus.
    • Don’t wait for others to help you with your faith. I have heard so many people say that they wished they had a mentor.  Well, go get one!
  • It takes more courage to encourage than to discourage
    • Love to encourage people… it’s a way to someone’s soul for sure. Find the good in them!  It does take courage to voice out encouragements.  It also is an encouragement to fight for people… and yes, that takes courage as well.
  • Maximize every moment – and ADD VALUE
    • Make memories! Create traditions!  And yes, when you are at the table, bring some value to the situation.
  • God Gave you a GUT – follow it
    • Love the verse in 2 Corinthians 2:13 … “I was on edge the whole time… so I said goodbye.” Follow your gut, your edgy gut.  It will lead you as it did for Paul, to triumphal places.  One editorial note…. added after first published.  Your gut is inspired by the Holy Spirit, verses, your own flesh.
  • Power of a gifts, and notes – people remember
    • Don’t come empty handed — bring something!  Write the note!
  • Show up and come with
    • One of the people who mentored me, regarding weddings, funerals, and hospitals – SHOW UP. Also, go with people.. for errands, in projects, on drives.  I promised one kid that I would drive the 30 hour San Diego to Oregon drive after his freshman year in college – we are still friends 30 years later!
  • Enthusiasm covers a multitude of sins
    • En means “with.” Theo means “God.”  En-theo-iasam…. God will give you the energy to make life FUN.  Be the one in the group who sees the positives and makes the most!
  • Do it once, do it now (and do the hardest first)
    • What are the hard things you need to do… knock the toughest one out first! Letters, cars, spread sheets, reports… get ‘em done!  Also, write down and document any of your great ideas so you capture and don’t lose.
  •  Be intentional – and speak the truth
    • Life is too short not to say how you feel, believe, and or, to share a hard truth. Give people the honesty of good feedback.  Be intentional with your time.
  • Practice Hospitality – Share it all!
    • We try and share what we have. Dinners, meals, let people stay the night.  Romans 12 says we are to do just this… so, practice hospitality!
  • Collect Friends
    • Some people collect coins, some stamps. I collect friends.  I don’t want to lose touch with any!  They are valuable and get more valuable as time goes on.
  • See the need; Do the deed
    • Luke 5: 1-11… the word “notice.”  Notice what is happening around you and then do something about it.  Help people, give gifts, follow up.  It’s also possible that God allowed you to notice for this very purpose!

6 thoughts on “Pithy Phrases to LIVE By! (Change your life to write yours!)

  1. Totally dig your pith!!

    Let’s catch up sometime– we’ve (the YouSchool) been having conversations with a few national YL folks about building a partnership and I’d love to get your perspective…

    > Thank you, > > SCOTT SCHIMMEL > PRESIDENT AND CHIEF GUIDE > > YouSchool > UNLOCKING POTENTIAL IN STUDENTS > THE MANOR > 655 G STREET, SUITE B > SAN DIEGO, CA 92101 > D 949.291.9061 > theyouschool.com


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