Do You Need TEAM?

Recently I was reading an email from years past … do you ever do that?  I decided that 23,000 emails in my saved inbox was too many.  I deleted a huge amount — did that feel good.  One of the emails I read was from a past boss.  He was talking about the “softer side of leadership.”  One of the softer sides he was referring too was the usage and acceptance of TEAM.

Cards (57)
Charlie and his TEAM cheering on Gabe after the winning hit en route to a Championship season! Go D’Backs!

I love this photo — there are many reasons.  One reason I love it is the batter last in our rotation, the batter that was the youngest on our team, and the person with the least amount of experience stepped up to the plate and WON THE GAME! 

Looking back I can honestly say many ways in which I did NOT utilize a team.  It’s easy to do.  Ever seen a Superman cape?  Here are some simple ways to skip right over team —

  • Don’t ask their opinion
  • Don’t CC them on important emails
  • Make decisions that are really in their court
  • Believe more in you than in them
  • Take the credit when something goes well — all by yourself

Do you need TEAM?  What would the people around your leadership say to that?  Do they know what the vision is?  Did they get to speak into it?  Do they feel believed in?

I will never forget that night.  Little Gabe stepped up to the plate and there was nothing but belief on that field, with his teammates noses peaking through the fence — “You got this Gabe!”  They believed, they cheered, they promoted, and they made sure when he hit that ball and we scored the winning run that they were all over him!

What do you need to do with your TEAM (mates) that are up to bat?  Are you cheering?  Are you believing? 

Go team!


2 thoughts on “Do You Need TEAM?

  1. Glad to see you back at the blog…..great thoughts. Will you be “on team” with me?


    actually, i already sense that your are….Kingdom Work has the best team….got to love that 😉

  2. Eric, it is great to see Charlie and his team. Great work Dad! I hope all is well. Miss you brother.


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