Grandkids in Christ — who will yours be?

Ian and Jack — having it out in a soccer match!

20+ years ago I was leading a kids at South Salem High School.  It seemed that all we could focus on back then was what was right in front of us  . . . there were hundreds of kids that I knew.  Two particular high school guys I had breakfast with every Tuesday for a semester.  One was a senior and one was a sophomore.  We talked life, school, and Jesus.  At that point in their journey — they seemed older than all the middle school students, and they even seemed mature.  I think back now and wonder how did I not think of them as young, young kids.  One was 15 and one was 17 — so young!

We talked about decisions that they would make, and even said, these are big decisions that will impact the rest of your life.  Over those years both of them started relationships with Jesus and truly — their lives did change.  How they lived their lives in high school, where they went after high school, what they decided to do, and who they married.

The picture above is two of their boys — they played in a soccer match today.  Who cares who won — what matters happened long before they met, long before they showed up on the field today, and long before they even took their first breath.  The life these two boys live as  10 year olds is markedly different because of decisions that their dads made in high school.

Some of you are teachers, some of you are coaches, some of you are parents.  You are pouring into students and giving them all you have.  There are days it is hard to remember that you are teaching, coaching, and pouring into a future businessman, wife, coach, husband, mother, father, teacher, doctor, or farmer.  You cannot predict the future, but you can be sure that time will travel, and it will travel fast.

This picture was texted to me today and I smiled.  I thought to myself, wow, am I glad I said yes to Tuesday breakfasts!  They wouldn’t know how to express gratitude nor understand why, but Jack and Ian I am sure one day will also be grateful.

Keep making decisions on what counts!  Don’t grow weary of pouring yourself out in service.  Keep on keepin’ on!  I guess in some ways these are my grandkids in Christ — who will yours be?


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