WHY NOT? (It can happen for you!)

My first pair of ’88 Jordan’s . . . I can still see them on my feet!

Why not?

I remember hearing that Nike had such a thing as “shoe testers” when I was in my 20’s.  I heard that you wore shoes that were not yet on the market, gave them data, and then turned them in.  It sounded like a great win-win situation.  So, I wrote a letter to Nike.  WHY NOT?

I had long forgotten about the letter when a few months later a UPS truck dropped a package by my house.  As I opened up the box my eyes were shocked to see a brand new pair of the latest (not released) Air Jordan shoes.  I could not believe it!  This fun box would arrive every three months for the next three years.  WHY NOT?

Why not?

I remember hearing about people going to far away places to play basketball.  I was 22 years old and a coach at South Salem High School.  I had met a coach from Australia whom I connected with.  (By the way, you did not connect via email in 1987.)  I gave him a vision of my bringing a group of players “down under” to play a series of basketball games.  WHY NOT?

In June of 1988 I took 12 players to Australia, New Zealand, and on the way home, Hawaii.  We played 12 games and saw a great number of sites.  We had a ball!  We were billeted out at many of our locations to keep the cost down.  On the trip home we stayed in a hotel for two nights in Hawaii.  The South Salem program never did a trip like this before, and never did one after.  It was one person’s crazy vision.  WHY NOT?

Why not?

I had heard of a company that did mobile laser tag.  I also heard how expensive it was.  I decided that this company would be a good connection for our Young Life camp Oakbridge.  Oakbridge has many clients who rent the property and might ask for ideas for “extra” experiences.  Could I get laser tag for free?  WHY NOT?

I asked our camp manager to pitch the idea that the laser tag company could use our group as a “test group.”  Our camp manager could see this company in action so he could then sell it to his future guests.  He could have pictures, a visual of how it would work on the property, and certainly the contact info, cards, and websites.  So, last August that is exactly what happened!  Our Young Life staff had 2+ hours of free laser tag dashing and darting around the property in the black of the night!  WHY NOT?

What about you?  What are your WHY NOT visions?  Certainly there are some ideas you have.  I made three WHY NOT asks two months ago.  I received a call yesterday from one of the asks and the answer was YES!

It never hurts to ASK.  It never hurts to DREAM.  Is it a pair of shoes, a trip “down under,” or some laser tag?  What is a WHY NOT for you?


You never know what will happen.

Have a great Friday!


One thought on “WHY NOT? (It can happen for you!)

  1. I saw this beautiful and talented coed at the University of Missouri, and thought it would be great to ask her out. That was 46 years ago. WHY NOT?

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