Multipliers – a good book with some good thoughts.  Here is a simple snapshot so you can determine if you want to read it.


Are you a multiplier or a diminisher? 


Multipliers are leaders that bring out the best in people optimizing their gifts, utilize people’s best thinking, give challenges, and instill accountability.


The best multipliers also get others to multiply . . . doesn’t that sound like 2 Timothy 2:2?


Some questions a multiplier might ask the people around him or her:


“What is the next challenge for you?”

“What would be a stretch assignment for you?”

“What is getting in the way of you being successful?”


Another great concept in this book was to have people on your team be utilized in their gifting – and make sure you know what that gifting is.  One way to accomplish this is to ask these questions about the others on your team:


“What do they do better than anything else they do?”

“What do they do better than the people around them?”

“What do they do without effort?”

“What do they do without being asked?”


Final thought and you can determine if you want to read this book.  “Is it possible that your smartest people may be impeding the smarts of your mission or organization?”


An old saying in India:  “Nothing grows under a banyan tree.”  It provides shade and is comfortable, but allows no sun in for growth.  “Many leaders are banyan trees; they protect their people, but nothing grows under them.”


Oh Lord, please help me be a multiplier . . .



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