5 Things To Learn From Seaworld . . .

  1. Keep Christmas Around LONGER.  It was January 6th and as we strolled around Seaworld there was Christmas music piped throughout the property, there was a 7000 foot snow play area called “Snow World,” and a enormous Christmas tree adorned with fabulous decorations.  Why be so fast to box it all up?  In many ways I found myself lingering more than prior to Christmas – it seemed even more appreciated.
  2. Landscaping makes a difference.  One of the best aspects (in my opinion) of Seaworld is the landscaping.  They make everything look fabulous.  The plants, flowerbeds, and garden areas are all in impeccable shape.  It didn’t hurt that there were 400 Christmas trees sprinkled through the property either!  Seeing the shape of the landscaping reminded me the impact keeping even my own yard has on guests – it makes you feel welcome and invited.
  3. Thrill and adventure are still king!  It was amazing to me how many times our crew rode the new ride, “Manta.”  It never seemed to get old – “Let’s do it again!”  I guess it didn’t hurt that there was no line!  The aspect of all the rides the kids liked was the unexpected – the getting wet on Shipwreck Rapids, the drop into the water on Journey to Atlantis, the tossing and turning on Manta, and the sheer view on the Sky Ride.  I guess this is still true about anything – how can we add a little spice into the “everyday?”
  4. Real ROCKS! Getting our kids away from anything on a screen where they process that this is REAL.  It was both the dolphin show and certainly Shamu — the enormity of the killer whales that does cause inspiration.  It was also interesting to me that in both “shows” the kids we brought all wanted to be in the “splash zone.”  I think there is a craving for real – even though I don’t think that they would admit it.
  5. Community wins!  There is always a voice in my head that says today is “just a family day.”  Yet, it also seems like all of our family photos have other people in them – I have a shot from the Grand Canyon, a shot from Legoland, a shot from Disney, and now this one from Seaworld.  In the end, it was a better experience being in a community!  As we drove home in the darkness of evening, with wet clothes both in the car and on our backs, I could hear the reminiscing starting.  I could see the memories that were built, the friendships deepened, and our hearts lodged even deeper within our community.

Someone once said to me, “Sco, you have great stories.  I wish I had stories.”  My response to that person is this:  You do!  Just take the time to look around, to process, and to enjoy the events of your life.  I can promise you that you don’t need to go to Seaworld to learn lessons – but it doesn’t hurt!

PS – check this out!   http://seaworldparks.com


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