How Can You Do A — CHANGE UP?

Change Up!  Not your normal day at church -- love this!
Change Up! Not your normal day at church — love this!

Change it up!


We went to the Christmas service at our church – wow, do they change it up.  There was everything from real camels, blinking rings to all make the shining star, and even a “photo booth” after the service near the pumpkin bread.  It was a complete “change up.”


As a young kid I loved change – change around a room, change around a drawer, and the big one, change up where we eat!  The two change-ups around eating usually were either (a) breakfast for dinner, and or, (b) eating on a T.V. tray.  Somehow this really made the everyday dinner much more exciting.


Here are some ideas under this topic of “Leadership Change Ups:”


  • Change Meeting Locations.  Yesterday I had a meeting that I was to have at 2:30.  I sent a text at 2:20 and changed the location slightly, and we met while walking for over an hour.  It was a great change up!


  • Change Daily Routine.  The last mile to my office are usually unchanged.  98% of the time I drive directly to the office.  I pass by Village Coffee everytime.  The change up is to stop, leave my phone in the car, and go in with my journal, bible, and have a cup of coffee before arriving at the office.  Always a good change up!


  • Change Work Flow.  I remember one time, sadly it was about 6 years ago, we were all working at the office.  There were probably 5 people there.  Someone said, “Everyone get coffee and let’s meet in the conference room.”  We all did, and what ensued was some good sharing, coffee, and even a prayer.  A change up that changed the work day!


  • Change jobs.  Ok, this one might be a bit tougher on most, but I am in the midst of this right now and it is causing great “change.”  I cannot say I enjoy all the change, but everything is going to be different.  There is an element of excitement from all the new realities.  People I will work with, the calendar I will have, the trips I will take, and the initiatives I will work on.  This will be my 6th job change since 1987.  Change up!


  • Change technology/tools.   The #1 way I hear people doing this is that they got an iPad.  I would add into this category things like calendars, journals, phones, and any tool that assists you in your work.  It is good for your mind to learn new things.  It also can help you be more effective.  My 80 year old mom just got an iPad.  I love how she is learning a new thing – it is already having a good impact on her life and relationships.


Just a morning topic of changing it up!  Last night at our 6 year old basketball practice we did a change up – we taped spots on the floor and had “Hot Shot” competition.  I am not sure if it was better for the kids or the coaches  — change-ups give energy and life!


Have a great Saturday – we are doing a change-up – the tree is coming down!


Eric Scofield


2 thoughts on “How Can You Do A — CHANGE UP?

  1. Thank you for all of the blog posts that you write!! They are encouraging, inspiring, and fun to read! I love the idea of “change up” with contact work. I think its awesome for the kids when leaders go the extra mile and “change up” hang outs. The kids love the memories. At our wyldlife, our “change up” contact works include “Coyote Hunting” (no hunting involved- we just dress up intense and look for coyotes), paint ball, kayaking on tempe town lake, making videos of dancing in public, and much more. It is way more fun than always doing the typical “lets get lunch.”

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