12 THINGS TO DO ON 12/12/12

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Twelve Things to Do!

 1.    In the next 12 hours get your 2013 Calendar NOW and start to prepare.

 2.    Send 12 Text Messages to people you LOVE – saying exactly THAT.

 3.    Read the first 12 pages of a book you have wanted to start.

 4.    Pray for 12 seconds confessing your shortcomings to the Lord.

 5.    Write down 12 people you want to make sure receive a Holiday greeting from YOU!

 6.    Go through your address book/list and highlight the 12 you know have moved, changed addresses, or had a life-change.

 7.    Take 12 minutes and journal 12 significant “life moments” you have had that have been KEY MOMENTS for who you are today.

 8.    Tonight, if you can, take in a 12 minute drive, or two, with people you love in the car looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music – and hot chocolate!

 9.    Put $12 on a Starbucks gift card and share it with someone who you owe a thank you to!

 10. Over the next 12 days . . . prepare for Christmas.  Spread out all that you want to do so it is not overwhelming in the end.

 11. Regarding a bucket list . . . now is the time to at least make a 12 item list of things you want to do in 2013!

 12. Sometime today . . . listen to the “Twelve Days of Christmas!”  It just seems right!

Have a great December 12th!~



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