One of the many TEAMS I get the chance to be a part of!  What teams are you on?
One of the many TEAMS I get the chance to be a part of! What teams are you on?

Teams!  If 1 can chase 1000, then 2 can chase . . . it’s not what you think!  It’s 10,000!  Power of team!

This past week one of our team members reported on the growth of women in the Western Division — it was actually pretty staggering.  I think what was more impressive was how she (Judy) reported this information.  She kept saying “we.”  She not only lives out TEAM, but she gave us the new Barton book on TEAM.  (Thanks Judy!)


Once a year I get to sit in on another “team meeting.”  Again, the impressive thing about this “Team Meeting” for one person’s career is that he puts himself under the “team.”  The team looks at every aspect of the previous year, makes suggestions, brainstorms, and then together leave with a game plan for the next season.  Impressive.

In January I will assemble our Regional Team.  We will meet for 24 hours to go over our “game plan,” or strategic plan and see how we are doing.  Are we hitting what we felt like were our God-given targets, or not?  What do we think should be our direction for the next 36 months?  Everytime we gather in TEAM there is a synergy that does NOT take place otherwise.

What about you?  What teams do you have in place?  I wrote down all my “teams” last year — it was overwhelming to see them all on two journal pages — it was 16 teams.  There was a team that represents the Southcoast Board, there was a golf tournament team, a management team, a coaching team for our Region, a team to assist our urban staff, a team around Foundations, a team around our Leadership Weekend, a team around the finances of one of our local Areas, and there were more.

Who looks at your goals?  Who speaks into your plans?  Who meets with you at least monthly to assist in an initiative?

Take some time today and reflect on the use of TEAM in your life.  Have a great Tuesday!


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