This picture was the product of someone SEEING the opportunity!
This picture was the product of someone SEEING the opportunity!

Sometimes I wonder . . . what is leadership?  Leadership is a variety of things, but one thing it is would be SEEING.

A couple of weekends ago, while I was picking up tickets, my friend had my boys and his.  He SAW the Oregon Duck football team heading onto the field.  He also SAW, Puddles!  He called Puddles over and had a picture taken.  What a memory!  He SAW it and then made it all happen.

Years ago when Hudson was a little 10 month old, we were on assignment.  I remember Marni trying to get into the dining room, carrying a highchair contraption, pushing the stroller, and working her way through chairs.  People saw her, but they didn’t SEE her.  No one helped.

You see, leadership is SEEING.  It is also acting, but it starts with SEEING.

Do you see the lonely people?

Do you see the person who needs the door held open?

Do you see the kids that no one else sees?

Do you see the people that grieve at Christmas, instead of viewing it as such a wonderful holiday?

Do you see the people at a holiday party that are on the periphery?

Do you see openings and opportunities?

Do you see in that piece of “throw away junk” something that can be made beautiful?

Do you see places that have no one or nobody as places of opportunity?

Leadership is seeing.

What do you see?

Ask God to give you HIS EYES to SEE what HE wants in your leadership!

Bless you today!



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