$100 Investment – and FIVE Places YOU can INVEST

I started a book yesterday at the encouragement of a friend.  The book is below, the “$100 Startup.”  It is a good read — with just 1/4 of the way to go.  It inspires a person to think, dream, and act.  I love books like that.

On the inside cover of the book it reads:  “This book is for:  those who take action and those who provide the inspiration.”  Come on!  Does this alone not make you want to pick this book up?  It did me.

I read this book from the vantage of a Senior Regional Director as well as a CEO of a family.  There is translation that occurs to make it work, but the translating is not that tough.  Who does not need some of these thoughts:

  • Follow your passion.
  • Most great ideas are right under your nose.
  • “A desk is a dangerous place to view the world.”  John Le Carre
  • Be MORE adventurous!
  • Making a PLAN always helps!

I think the place that this made the most profound impact on me so far is making an investment.  Invest, invest, invest.  The way that this circles back with me is in a couple places.

  1. Investing in our staff.  Spend the time, the money, and the effort to walk alongside my great team and assist in helping them be all that they can be.  It might be a $100 lunch!
  2. Investing in our partners.  Again, yesterday was a prime example.  One of our very loyal and generous friends needed some assistance.  It may have “cost” $100, but really, it cost nothing — it was an investment!
  3. Investing in our plan.  We will take a one day retreat in January to recalibrate our vision and plan to strive after reaching 2x as many kids — our plan of Reaching a World of Kids is off and running but needs to be adjusted since our 2011 planning session.  This will cost more than $100 — but be well worth it!
  4. Investing in our technology.  We need to make sure that we are staying current — that is why we hired Brad Voigt to come and teach our staff about all the ways we can utilize social media.  What a great investment!  (bradvoigt.com)
  5. Invest in my marriage.  We did not do so hot on our date nights last year — and I will take full credit.  I don’t want to look over when we are done raising Hudson and Charlie and say — “Who are you?”  It is worth the money!  Plus, it is the fastest way to be taken out as a leader — have a marriage go bad.  People depend on me — and I am sure, people depend on you!

There it is!  Happy Monday.  What are you feeling the need to INVEST in?

2 thoughts on “$100 Investment – and FIVE Places YOU can INVEST

  1. Thank you Eric for sharing. Great thoughts, oh and that just made me well up with tears over Potato Farming (or is it Potatoe Farming?) Love it.

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