Sneak Away Coffee! With my brother, Paul, and my sister, Debbie! Love it!

The gift of family . . . family of origin, spouse, children, brother, sister, mom or dad.  We choose many things in life, but we generally, don’t choose our family.  This year, unlike the past few, we brought our family up to the Northwest for Thanksgiving.  We have played games, gone on walks, had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and certainly had too many desserts.  Here’s my 2 cents . . . or, my top ways to make sure you enjoy your family!

  1. Have “pull away” talks.  I see Marni do this the best, but it is a quality conversation amidst the chaos of family.  You may have to pull off to a room that is off the central highway of the home.
  2. Have a coffee “date.”  I just did this yesterday with my brother and sister.  It is a “sneak away” moment that usually lends itself to some good conversations.
  3. Game time!  There is no better way to be with than to sit around a game table with some snacks and goodies and play a family game.  Apples to apples, Dominoes, or Settlers!
  4. WALKS!  This is just a great way to maximize!  I took a walk with my bro-in-law the other day and realized that his rain gear was key to the enjoyment of our walk.  I came back soaked, and he came back dry!
  5. Errands together!  Given the meals, the sales, and the random things that people need, another great way to get time is to be the “Come with” person when you see someone heading out. 

Bless you today!


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