I have some moments down through the years where my “gut” led me to a better place than I could have imagined.  Your “gut” can lead you, your “gut” can save you, and your “gut” can grow you!


First off, what is your “gut.”  I believe that my “gut” is the Holy Spirit working in my life.  It talks in John chapter 16 about how the Spirit will “guide” you into all things true, he will “inform” you, and the Spirit will “convict” of sin or directions you are not to be going.


Maybe it is like the old cartoons of Fred Flintstone when he has two little “Freds” on his shoulders – one looks like an angel, and one like a devil and they are both trying to guide Fred.  They are moving his GUT.

Literally, I have walked into a room, a restaurant, a home and thought – “something’s not right.”  Later, I took actions in these situations that were not popular – but, in the end they proved right.  The “gut” leads to life, health, truth.


A couple years ago we had a person that I felt my gut saying – HIRE.  There was a group of people that had some reservations.  My gut said to help the people with reservations and the person I wanted to hire all get to the same table – literally.  So, we did.  At the table I said, “Some of you have reservations, and today we are going to talk it all through.  Unless we are unanimous to make this hire, we won’t.”  A week later it was unanimous – HIRE.  The best part was the healing and conversations that transpired in that week.


I have also ignored my gut.  I don’t need to tell you this, but I will.  I have always regretted later when I look back and I realize that I went against my gut.  It usually does not turn out, or there is some “clean up” that has to transpire now because of relational carnage.


Over a decade ago there was a situation that transpired where a group of people who wanted us to partner with another organization.  My gut STRONGLY said don’t.  There was no reason not too.  There was even a sense that I was being mean, or arrogant by not partnering.  I just strongly felt we were not suppose to.  8 months later the organization we were being asked to partner with went down with a sexual misconduct that was on the front page of the paper!  God works through our “gut.”   You have to be listening for that voice of the Holy Spirit in your gut – whether about job, family, calling, ministry, or relationships.


Trust your gut!



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