Yesterday I was honored for years of service . . . it was a surprise. This was the ending prayer time which was so SWEET! (And, empowering!)

Yesterday our Southcoast regional staff surprised me for my years of service with Young Life.


They had cards, they spoke nice words, I have some coffee credit at Starbucks, and they laid hands and prayed for me.  It was a very awesome experience for me!


Here are a few things that happened that meant the world to me, that you can do for others:


  • Come with cards written and ready with some nice words and memories.
  • Speak specifically to what YOU see in this persons life – how they have been used to empower, help, or encourage you.
  • Give a small token – like Starbucks card, that helps the gift linger and causes a smile on their face the next time they get coffee.
  • Make whatever it is . . . a total surprise.  One of the most fun moments for me yesterday was it was out of the blue!
  • Finally, the sweetest most heartfelt moment was when they laid hands and prayed for me . . . tears shed, meaningful prayers shared, and warm hands around me – very, very empowering.


As you move into a month of THANKSGIVING you might want to give some thought to who you want to pause and say thanks to . . . it will be fun for you, but it will be empowering for them!



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