The morning routine . . .

We pick up two of Hudson’s friends in the morning on our way to school.  6:55 on the dot, they are always curbside and happy to get in the car.  Hudson and Christian usually connect their phones and play some sort of NCAA football game live on the way to school.
2012 is not all that different than when I was a kid, is it?

The most popular games to play when I was their age was handheld football and basketball games.  In many ways, it is the same.  I showed them a picture of these games that are on this blog today and they all thought they looked cool.  They would probably think a bit different if they saw that it was nothing more than lit-up dashes that stood for the actual players.  I enjoyed remembering this as it made me more “open minded” verses being agitated that these kids were  staring at a screen.
The leadership thought for the day:  “Learn to see things from other people’s point of view.”  (Phil. 2:4)

Today, take a moment, and before you meet with someone, call someone, or connect in anyway with someone, think about them.  Take a moment and do your best to look at the world from their standpoint.  See what vantage they see things from.  This causes us to be more caring, more sensitive, and more open minded when we do spend time with them.

Sometimes as I come down the stairs in the morning I am only looking at life from my vantage — coffee!  Charlie typically comes down and is thinking about other people.  He came down last week and said, “Happy birthday mommy!”  This morning, he came down and asked how my cough and nose were (yesterday I had an allergy attack).  He is learning a huge leadership quality at 5 — look at other peoples point of view first.

Try it today, see how it goes for you!


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