One of the more eye-opening things we saw on our walk this morning was the closed down Sahara Casino. (Originally opened 1952)

We are in Las Vegas, celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday.  Last night we saw a great show, Terry Fator.  It was wonderful.

The first morning here, Marni and I went for a walk in what I would call the “new” Las Vegas.  Everything was new, big, and fancy.

This morning we walked the other direction.  It was definitely not the same.  We walked past trash, beggars, people asleep in sleeping bags, closed down casinos, and many, many boarded up, fenced in and dilapidated buildings.  (Not to mention more scantily dressed women on papers and cards all over the ground.)

Here is my reflection from this morning’s walk:

Psalm 38:3-4

Because of your anger, my whole body is sick;
my health is broken because of my sins.
My guilt overwhelms me—
it is a burden too heavy to bear.

This place has some wonderful restaurants, fabulous hotels, and “shows” that are beyond comprehension.  We are staying at the Trump, and for a surprisingly reasonable price we are staying in quite a place.

Yet, the over-arching presence of what I see, hear, and sense on “the Strip”,  is brokenness.  There was an advertisement yesterday I heard that was elevating sin.  The ad actually named it – sin, and said, “That is why you are here – so sin big!”

This is a modern day “Corinth.”  We are having a great time, especially as we move from room, to pool, to restaurant.  As we move, however, it is hard to not “bump into” the parts of this city that are “SICK,”  “BROKEN,” “BURDENED,” and “HEAVY.”

Before we all write this off to, “Well, that’s Las Vegas . . .”

Remember these truths about SIN:

  • Sin Cleans-up and appears to be attractive.
  • Sin is easily justified, rationalized.
  • Sin wants to slowly STEAL from you what is real.
  • Sin wants to KILL you, ruin relationships, and trick you into doing things that are ultimately destructive to you.
  • Sin wants to DESTROY all the things around you that bring you LIFE.  Sin wants to destroy your time in the Word, destroy quality relationships, and destroy your ability to hear the Holy Spirit.

We are having a great time, don’t get me wrong, but this morning’s walk was eye-opening.   I would definitely come back again someday, and stay at the Trump.  I would not, however, bring my kids here for a family vacation.  Just some observations from our Sunday stroll ….

Have a great Sunday,


2 thoughts on “SIN DESTROYS

  1. I saw Terry Fator three summers ago in Vegas. So funny. We saw the Beatles too. I remember having many of those same thoughts in regards to sin. It’s such an impressive place, that can lead to such destruction.

  2. It is defiantly “in your face” on the strip in Las Vegas, and deteriorates outside the glitz and glamour. However, one has to compare to their own protected area and ask questions. Do we all have a little Vegas right around us, but we mask it, ignore it or think it doesn’t exist in or sacred neighborhood?
    Just some thoughts as I read and digested.

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