Below is an open letter based on this San Diego Tribune Article:


October 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Ellsworth,

Wow, the “Power of Partnerships!”  I have just finished reading this wonderful article on you, the Legler Benbough Foundation, and your flunked retirement!  I am so glad you flunked!

Mr. Ellsworth, my name is Eric Scofield, and I have had the gift of having lunch at your table in your office with Tyler Miller and Jeremy Robinson.  I am the Regional Director for Young Life.  I am so inspired by your LIFE!

I want to share with you the parts about this article that were so motivating to me as a leader:

  • “Flunked Retirement” I so hope that I flunk as well.  I am 47 now and have no intention of stopping working, serving, and giving.  Thank you for being such a great example of this!
  • “Granted 32 million to organizations” We have been on the receiving end of this generosity, and I just have to say both “Thank you” as well as – that is a lot of money given out!
  • “It’s not about me” I love this phrase, this quote, and this heart!  I want to accomplish a lot of things, and so, I want to learn this phrase more and more!  Thank you for sharing it.
  • “Create a new model” This is a challenging phrase in your article.  We are striving in Young Life to keep our mission, but at the same time, to find new ways.  I know that Jeremy is working hard on some of the partnership ideas you gave him.

Thank you Mr. Ellsworth for living an inspirational life.  I am so grateful for this article and interview.  This is very motivating on so many levels.

Also, I wanted to pause and say “Thank you” again for your support of Jeremy and his work with kids at Hoover, Lincoln, and Gompers.  He is a great man, and you have been very gracious and generous to him.  Thank you!

Well, I am off into the day, but know that I am inspired today because of a man named Peter Ellsworth.  I am so glad he did not retire!

Sincerely yours,

Eric Scofield, Regional Director Young Life

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