Scofield 21 — Rules of the House

Scofield 21 – Rules of the House

1.  We honor and obey Jesus.

2.  We love and are fans of our family.

3.  We tell the truth.

4.  We look to others interests above our own.

5.  We talk with respect.

6.  We do not hurt people with unkind words or actions.

7.  We speak the truth in love.

8.  We forgive people when they are sorry.

9.  We come alongside of people when they are sad.

10.  We “high five” with people when they are happy.

11.  We look for ways to build up and encourage our family.

12.  We do our work, or chores without complaining.

13.  We take care of what God has given us.

14.  We do not cause extra work for people around us.

15.  We close and put away things we open or get out.

16.  We turn off the items we turned on.

17.  We clean up our own messes.

18.  We ask questions when we are unclear or confused.

19.  We treat other peoples homes and cars like they were our own.

20.  We obey – quickly.

21.  We accept the discipline or consequences when we forget the Scofield 21.

These were adopted by our family (all good ideas came from someplace else).  We talk over these with Hudson and Charlie.  These are a great list as well as spark great discussion!

3 thoughts on “Scofield 21 — Rules of the House

  1. This isn’t a good list — it’s a great one. I’m going to share this with Janet to see if we might use this a starting point for our own list. It would be hard to improve on this one, but I imagine we may like to personalize it. In any case, thanks for sharing it.

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