Hudson loves doing his homework in this space — a space we used before two days a year, and now gets used almost daily.

Marni is amazing!  I know, I have said that before, and I will say it again.  It’s true, though.  A few weeks ago she told me that she had done something “crazy” and she was excited for me to come home and see it.  What she did was amazing – and her heart behind it even better!

A little background.  The first thing is that our youngest is in kindergarten.   Between Sunday School and regular school he is coming home with art work A LOT.  Hudson is in 6th grade and in middle school.  This age does not come home with art — but does come home with homework!

Marni was sitting at the breakfast table with the boys and she observed that everything her eye could see was Charlie’s artwork.  And it made her heart sink.  This is just the way that it was — nothing intentional.

Looking down on the table from above . . . you see maps, art, and pictures.

Marni also noted that Hudson didn’t have a good place to do homework.  The coffee table wasn’t right, and his desk in his room didn’t have good lighting or good space.  Marni decided to fix this all in one swoop!

One more detail you should know.  If you added up all the meals we have in our home, whether in the kitchen or outside, 99% of them are NOT in our dining room.  The two meals we are guaranteed to have there is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Marni took what was an unused space in our home and made it Hudson’s very special homework table.  He loves it.  Marni loves it.  I love it.  She put his scouting materials, she put a map on the wall, she got some of Hudson’s artwork and put a plastic table cover on the table.  It’s a perfect space for Hudson to spread out his books and get to work.  It’s also personally HIS.  This is a great use of this space.

I mostly love Marni’s heart . . . and hey, “It’s blog-worthy!”

Have a great Wednesday!



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