SEE THE SHOT – and 5 other killer principles for a LEADER



There are times when a person knows what to do, they just need a little reminder.  I just got back from our Senior Leadership Team meeting and it was a great week of “reminders.”  As I walk away from the week here are the things that I am reminded about that will help me serve our Region better.  My hope is that these reminders will also help you in your business, ministry, or passion.

BASE HITS = HOME RUNS!  I know, everyone would rather hit a home run.  But, in a game, 4 base hits equals the same thing!  It’s the turtle and the hare — both get the job done.  This is a reminder to not just hold out for the large donation, the big listing, the long-term contract — remember that gaining base hits in all those categories will help just as much.  Final example, and yes, its from Young Life.  If I hire a 22 year old staff person and give them the challenge — “Pray and ask for a $50 a month donor every month you are on staff.”  As a 27 year old, this staff person would have 72 donors and $3600 per month coming into support the ministry — or $43,200 annually.
EMBRACE YOUR CRITICS!  If you didn’t know, we all have short sides.  I feel like I am a pretty caring person.  I could argue my reputation that will surface now and again– “Scofield’s not very pastoral.”  I can refute that, or, embrace it and say that this is a perception that I need to strive to compensate for.  I choose the latter.  What about you?  What are the critics saying about you?  How can you embrace and compensate for?

DO IT NOW!  There are so many great ideas in your mind.  Some of them are easy, fast, and can make a huge difference.  What is it in our mental processes that always pushes these ideas to the shelf of, “I’ll do that later.”  I say, NO WAY.  Do it now!  Buy the card, make the call, schedule the appointment.  Think about the little great ideas you have, or get, and DO THEM NOW.

GROW!  Do not let yourself get stagnant.  Be a learner!  However you get yourself to a place of learning new things — do it.  Read a book, take a seminar, follow a blog (like this one) or find a wise mentor.  I was inspired yesterday by a story.  A friend of mine spent 8 hours in a wheelchair with his friend (who actually needs a wheelchair).  He said he learned so much, his eyes were opened, and his compassion grew two sizes in one day from this experience.

SEE THE SHOT!  There are lots of styles of hitting a golf shot.  You can focus on stance, grip, and tempo as an example.  There is one teacher who says the most powerful thing you can do is to “see the shot,” meaning visualize everything you want to have happen in the end, and then step into it.  In leadership the most powerful thing we can do is to “see the shot” before stepping into the day to day activities.  What are we seeing?  What do we want to have happen in the next two years?
Hope these 5 reminders help you.  I know they will help me!  Did I mention that these 5 principles will TRANSFORM your job, your ministry, or your profession.  They will!
Have a great Friday,



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