Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  I think that this is true.  Tonight I put my head down on a pillow in Denver.  (Wow, what a bad day for a Charger fan to be in Denver.)  My family will be back in our home in San Diego.  I always find that I think about Marni and the boys even MORE when I am gone.  Seems silly in some senses, as I was just with them yesterday.  Nevertheless, it is true, and always has been.

I think I am more aware than ever at the light speed that time is traveling.  Marni is constantly showing me pictures of the boys when they were younger and giving a sad “sigh.”  It is sad . . . it is also part of life.  We live in a constant state of transition.  We just have to embrace it, as well as, grieve it.

Today is my tribute to my sweet family!  I got up yesterday at 3:30 AM and even though I intended to write a note, I didn’t do it.  My blog is my note – the note saying I love YOU.  Here are my top 5 things in no order that I love about each of you!

Marni, sweet Marni!

  • I love your passion for the Lord.  You have a soft place in your heart for the Spirit to work.  I love that in and about you!
  • I love your predictability about some things – decaf coffee in the morning, a slice of chocolate in the afternoon, and the more books the better!
  • I love how you make our sweet boys a hot breakfast with all the key ingredients EVERYDAY.  It’s impressive to me!
  • I love our coffee times and walks.
  • I love that you love to make our home both a refuge and a place that is very warming to us and to others.

Hudson, dear Hudson!

  • You are a person who has a heart for God.  I love that you want to do the right thing!
  • I love your passion for football, the Ducks, the Texans, and watching over our Fantasy Football squad.
  • I love the grades you got –I would also love you no matter what they were, but I sure love that you give it your all!
  • I love how you are generous and was proud of how you shared YOUR money with Charlie the other day.
  • I love how you are a leader and you have so many friends that come over – we always want you have a place for friends.

Charlie, loveable Charlie!

  • I love how you love to get COZY . . . and you force us all to get cozy with you.
  • I love how you love cheeseburger, spread-only at In and Out.
  • I love how you learned to tie your shoes – and even double knot them!
  • I love how hard you have worked on reading lately and really are doing so well at it!
  • I love how you are always willing to “ride along” with me in the car.  Thank you!

Bogey, our little Bogers!

  • I love how you love treats after you go potty.
  • I love how you roll onto your back saying – “Scratch your belly” with great clarity.
  • I love how you LOVE WALKS.
  • I love how you keep our feet warm at the foot of our bed.
  • I love how you always greet all of us with such great enthusiasm whether we have been gone 5 minutes or 5 days.

There you have it!  Lots of love!  Sure miss you all!

Bless you all today!




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