Start over.  Remodel.  Renew.  Transform.  Rebuild.

Any leader knows that there are times where it’s building from nothing.  I get the chance to work with a team of college and high school leaders as together we start a new Young Life program from nothing.  It is as if it is from the studs up  . . . and everything we do is moving towards a goal of the “finished product.”

My nephew just bought a property in Colorado.  I have attached his before and after of the kitchen.  I just look at this and am motivated.  It went from being NOTHING to being SOMETHING.

What are you building?  Do you know what it takes?  My only recollection of a project is it ALWAYS costs more than you think, and it is ALWAYS worth it.

We are building in our Young Life Region, and I have had the chance to be at the “helm” and watch this building for nearly 8 years.  Here are a few of what I have seen — FROM THE STUDS UP — be built:

  • College ministry has gone from nothing to having nearly 250 per week in both San Diego and Orange County.  Next up for us to consider is a college presence in Palm Desert.
  • This year we didn’t have a Student Staff Program — but, thanks to Ryan Adams (Newport Beach AD) and Sullivan Saunders (Linda Vista AD) we do now!  This past Saturday nearly 50 gathers and got to hear first hand from Bob Goff — Author of “Love Does.”
  • Focus on raising-up Latino leadership.  Thanks to Angel Ruiz for having great forethought – along with others I am sure, we in the Southcoast Region have currently 10 in the Latino Student Staff Program and have sent nearly 30 from the previous 6 years.  We had an Area Director opening in Riverside, CA.  The LSS for us has created a “greenhouse” of leadership.  As a result, our new director in Riverside is an LSS graduate, Chris Gutierrez!
  • Finally, we have focused on funding from foundations.  It is a slow re-build.  But, again, moving up from nothing is not all that hard.  We have just patiently made requests, we have been turned down by more than not, and we don’t give up.  We know our goals, and that is to simply continue to make requests.  Over the past 3 years we have seen over $100,000 come in to support our efforts!

What about you?  What are you building?  Do you need to do any “tear down” to get started?  Or, can you just dig in and start building?

Three things to remember:

  1. What do you want to build?
  2. What do you need to clear out and prepare?
  3. What are the next three steps to building this vision you can work on next?

Happy Building!

2 thoughts on “TEAR DOWN AND REBUILD!

  1. I had the opportunity to serve at Woodleaf over the summer and got to see first hand some of the growth your region has experienced through leaders and campers who had the chance to spend a week at camp. I also got to meet Angel who is an exceptional guy. I am excited to see how God continues to grow the entire Southern California area through all the great staff and leaders he’s put there!

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