80 POUNDS LOST! HOW? #transformationfriday

Q1. What is the backdrop to your transformation? You woke up one day and said — “enough,” or you met someone who guided you?

Since I had my second child, Morgan (who is currently 3), I definitely had baby weight to lose. I also had put on weight gradually from college on and had really not been happy with where my weight fell on the scale/any health chart. But the strange thing was, I always had a very good body image of myself. I did not see myself at the weight I was; I saw myself as much thinner than what the scale was telling me. But then I would see a picture of myself and say to myself, “Who is that person?”

So I guess it was a gradual realization, but I had been trying unsuccessfully to lose the weight for the past 2 1/2 years and it was not coming off by my exercise routine alone. I needed to find help with my eating habits. January of 2012 rolled around and I had had “enough” – so after our family vacation to Hawaii in January, I started my journey with Take Shape for Life in February 2012

Q2. Give us the LIFE BEFORE and the LIFE AFTER. What was your lifestyle before, and what is it today?

Life before was good, but I think it was because I did not know any different. I was ALWAYS tired. I pretty much napped every afternoon – and that was not because I was up nights with my little one…it was because I was just exhausted. I did not have any significant health problems, but I dreaded going to the doctor mainly because I did not want to get on that scale.

Life after is amazing! I have so much energy and love for life. Not that I did not have the love for life before, but it feels good to have your body feel good. I think before I thought, “Oh I am just getting older…my body is just tired” I never nap anymore – I think that has been the biggest change…I have so much more time in my day because I am not taking a 2 hour nap each afternoon.

Q3. What are the 3-4 best things about this transformation for you and your family?

*More time with my family and ability to keep up with my kids.
*Being a model for my kids as far as being healthy and eating healthy items.
*Being happy to be in pictures with my family (I know this is a strange one, but I avoided pictures like the plague because I did not want to see myself) – So I actually will be captured with my family in pictures being happy!
*I truly have gained the freedom to believe I can do anything…I mean I lost over 80lbs…that is CRAZY! I truly set my goal to be something I thought to be impossible and it has become my reality, so now I believe that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to!

Q4. I don’t know anything about “Take Shape for Life” What is it, and how does it work?

Take Shape for Life is a comprehensive program that is safe and effective. It was designed by doctors to help people not only lose weight, but to reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol and help Type II Diabetics stabilize blood sugars.

Some of the reasons that people love Take Shape for Life is:
-Free personal Health Coach
-Lose 2-5 lbs a week
-Low hunger, high energy, no cravings
-Able to reduce or eliminate medications
-Cost neutral or less than what you currently spend on food

The program consists of high-quality, medically formulated meal replacements combined with free coaching support to help you lose weight and keep it off. It is not a diet, but a two-phased approach for weight loss and maintenance.

Because I have had such success on this program and really truly believe it is so much more than a diet, I have decided to become a Health Coach for the Take Shape for Life organization. I want to pass this gift of health onto my friends and family as well as anyone else who is ready to make a change in their life! If you want more detailed information on the program you can visit my website at: http://leapintohealth.tsfl.com

The first phase/the “weight-loss” phase of the program is called the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan which includes eating 5 Medifast meals and then 1 Lean & Green meal. So you get to eat 6 meals a day and still lose weight…how great is that? Then there is a transition plan that will gradually increase your caloric intake and re-introducing a wider variety of foods. And then there is the Maintenance Phase where you will monitor your weight and balance your calories. You will stay active and make smart choices.

Q5. If I was feeling like I needed a “jump start” and wanted to give this a try for 30-60 days, what would that cost me and what would that look like?

If you were looking to lose a little weight or a lot of weight you would contact me and we could talk about the program and see if it was a good fit for you. Basically we would figure out your health goals and then discuss what food and/or program materials should be ordered.

If we determined this program was a good fit for you, to start the 5&1 Plan and get the program materials it would be approximately:

  • The first month’s order: $380.00 (because you get your program materials with your first order) And then each additional month: $330.00
  • But just think that is all your meals throughout the day aside from your one “lean and green” meal so it is fairly cost neutral if you think of it that way.
  • And then I would be your personal health coach, who would be there for you every step of the way through weight-loss, transition and maintenance.

Q6. Many start this and don’t finish . . . you did! What are the top three principles you now live by to maintain?

  • Breakfast – I never ate breakfast because I was too busy getting everyone else ready for the day and really thought I did not have time to deal with myself.
  • Eating low-fat meals 5-6 times a day – eating frequently and controlling portion sizes and total calories (especially those from fat)
  • Exercise- I still love to exercise and it helps me increase my metabolism and provides strength, flexibility and mental clarity.

Q7. Anything else?

It does not matter where you are located…I would love to talk with you about your health goals and see if this program will work for you. I can be your health coach remotely (via phone, skype, email and/or texting). So whether you want to lose 100lbs or 20lbs, I would love to chat with you! Believe me, you can accomplish this if you make your mind up that you want Optimal Health!

Here is my contact info:
Phone: 503.780.4027
Website: http://leapintohealth.tsfl.com
Email: stephleepertsfl@gmail.com

WOW!  I am so motivated by a transformed life . . . in any category!  Thank you Stephanie!  Keep on keeping on — we love YOU.

Have a great Friday!


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