I miss you having more rituals than anyone I know – whether regarding a noon time nap, a spoon in your coffee, or the way you parked your van in the garage.

I miss your sweatbands and your constant sporting of Young Life t-shirts.

I miss your egg sandwiches.

I miss seeing you in the choir.

I miss you telling me I drive my car “too hard.”

I miss going to Home Depot with you and seeing you try and find a way to do the job cheaper – “if we did this, we could save another $5.”

I miss calling and having you answer the phone, “Bob here!”

I miss seeing you walk – more than anyone should walk!

I miss hearing you talk about mom’s meals . . . and how it was always, “The best meal I’ve ever had!”

I miss how you labeled boxes – I am never throwing away this box (see inserted pic).

I miss getting haircuts from you and having you pretend you were a barber.

I miss seeing you love on Hudson and Charlie – never forget your getting Hudson the football gloves!

I miss hearing you say, “Well, what projects you got for me?”

I miss seeing you wash your car windows, or mine, or mom’s, or anyones!

I miss seeing you unzip your wallet and secretly pull out a couple of bucks.

I miss hearing you say, “I’ve got money to loan if you are ever in a bind!”

I miss hearing you practice your electric piano.

I miss seeing you sew, with a machine – yep, you heard that right!

I miss you sitting in your chair with your slippers that needed to be thrown out but you wouldn’t have it.

I miss hearing you say, “GUY!”

I miss hearing how badly you beat some poor guy in tennis . . . love that!

4 thoughts on “MISS YOU BOB SCOFIELD! GUY!

  1. Great stuff, what could I add. So many things. I miss everything about him.
    I miss your mood never being anything but the most positive and joyfull, always.
    I miss your half banana on the counter.
    I miss you making a 1/2 sandwich. You never made your self a whole. Only someone else.
    I miss you saying “if man can put it together, man can take it apart”
    I miss your inventive ways of fixing things that were everyday problems around the house. From strings, to tape and tennis balls, you solved it, stopped the squeak, or made things simple.
    I miss your singing like you were some king of baritone star. God misses it too.
    I miss you “Gooping” your tennis shoes to avoid buying another pair.
    I miss your receipts and notes to Mom on how much money she “owed” you. Usually, less than $2
    I miss hearing you breathe as you walked or jogged. The familiar exhale
    I miss your work ethic
    I miss your sketches of projects and plans
    I miss your encouragement
    I miss you

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