The tongue has the power of life and death,and those that love it will eat its fruits. Prov.18:21″


As part of your spiritual process with the Lord, expect God the Father to come after three main areas in your walk with Him.  The first area will be with your “thought life” – which is the area of your unspoken words.

The second area God will be targeting is your “word life” – which has to do with the words that are being released out of your mouth to other people. This is the scripture above that we are speaking of today. Your “word life” with others will make or break you in your family and personal relationships with other people. Think of the responsibility and ramifications of this revelation – that our spoken words to other people can either bring them life or bring them death, and the Lord exhorts us to speak His word.

The third area God will be coming after is your “action life” – which will be how you act and behave towards others. Your actions and behaviors toward others has to always line with up with your beliefs.  The Bible says we have to be “doers” of the Word, not just hearers.

Remember, every word that you speak matters. It affects you and others. Something you say may seem insignificant to you, but to someone else those words can be life changing and never able to be brought back. When you use your words to tell the truth and speak God’s truth and life over them, you are depositing seeds that will last throughout eternity.

It’s especially important to speak His word as a spouse, a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher or friend. Children in your life need to hear on a regular basis that they can do something great with their lives. As parents, our words carry incredible weight. That’s why you should never put any child down.

I feel like yesterday I went the other direction in a U8 soccer game.  I could have been WAY more encouraging.  I will do better!

Kids see in our face a mirror back to themselves of what we believe about them!  Let’s reflect positive and great belief!

Pumpkin Patch after church!  Here we go!


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