1.  Mail.  I go through my mail at the garbage can.  I throw away as much as I possibly can.  The only items that make it into my house are the absolute necessary items.  This saves time for me that I don’t have to process a lot more than 1x.

2.  Two Birds, One Stone.  I generally will think of how many things I can get done with one stop of the car.  For instance, in one parking lot I can accomplish banking, dry cleaning, and picking up of grocery items at the store — especially if I think ahead and bring all the checks, shirts and grocery lists.

3.  Maximized flying!  The $9 it costs for Wifi in my opinion is well worth it.  I can return emails, catch up on some projects, and clear out my inbox in one 2-hour flight.  (For some people this can be other things, like waiting at soccer practice, a train ride, or waiting for other appointments.)

4.  Returning calls.  This can happen certainly in the car, on a walk, or while waiting at a practice.  Last night I did three things at once:  watched Hudson’s flag football practice, walked the track, and returned 3 phone calls.

5.  The tiny T.V.  I have a very small and old TV in the garage.  I think it is a tiny little 9-inch tube display.  What this does do for me is this – instead of on a Saturday or Sunday sitting and watching golf or football, I can work in the garage on a variety of projects and still feel like I am spoiled – keeping up with some sporting event.

6.  Dishes and my sweet mom!  Think what you want, but I do the dishes (not every night) and when I do, I always call my mom.  We have multiple head sets for our land lines and I always call my mom when doing the dishes.  She usually will start the conversation with, “Doing the dishes?”

7.  Do it once, do it now.  This is a slogan I use for all the little things we have to do.  Dropping something off at someone’s house, or getting a plane ticket, or writing a recommendation.  If you don’t do it with a sense of urgency, then these things STACK up.  If you have this mentality, then, generally things cannot stack up too high.

8.  Pre-done cards to go!  I will get cards ready way in advance for people I want to touch base with.  Card is purchased, stamp is put on, and address has been written.  I keep these tucked in my briefcase for that 5 minute stop or pause where I can drop a note to someone.  The barriers which are normally there – no card, no stamp, cannot remember address are gone.

9.  Work-outs in 60. These can go one of two ways for me.  They can tend to drag out and take more time than they need to, or they can be maximized.  The perfect workout takes 35 minutes for me, and 5 minutes to get there and 5 minutes to get home.  I try and do it prior to a shower, so then I can take my shower and shave and all of this is done in under 1 hour.

10.  Cooking 2x!  This one is small, but saves time later.  If we are making any meal that we can make two of – we do.  We make one and freeze one.  This takes very little extra time, and on the 2nd meal it saves us an hour.
Have a great Tuesday!

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