Scripture: John 15:7

Scripture Reading: “If you remain in Me and My words remain
in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

Thought: Wow, read that verse again. Does this scripture mean that you can have whatever you want? Is this some form of a “prosperity” promise? No. More than anything it is a plea and a call to REMAIN. Remain is said TWICE. Remain IN ME. Remain in MY WORDS. This is what you want to camp on today. How can you REMAIN as you hit shots, figure yardage, and play this game of golf? It’s simple – clearing the “clutter” is what it means to REMAIN. Put this word in your yardage book and talk about it: REMAIN.

Reflection 1: What does it mean to REMAIN in Jesus?

Reflection 2: How have Jesus’ Words REMAINED in you this
past week? Talk about this.

Prayer: Lord, help me to REMAIN in you today, during all that this round will bring.

Contributor: Eric Scofield, Sr. Regional Director, Young Life

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Have a great Sunday!  (The above is my devotional written for the players in the Ryder Cup.)


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