What I loved about Salem:

  • Smell of field burning and high school football
  • Piles of rain soaked oak leaves
  • A storm on the Oregon coast – within an hour drive

What I loved about Seattle:

  • A drive toward UW on the 520 on a crisp blue morning
  • Pike’s Market – anytime!
  • Walking the water front in Kirkland with coffee

What I loved about Houston:

  • The feel of an enormous city
  • BBQ, Pappadeaux, and Pappasito’s
  • Zoo and Children’s museum on a Saturday

What I love about San Diego:

  • Having to clean my car from sand (means I was at the beach)
  • Poseidon or Jake’s with friends (Del Mar)
  • San Diego Botanic – what a spot to stroll

2 thoughts on “3 THINGS I LOVE – PLACES I’VE LIVED

  1. Love those places. Houston isn’t much to look at, but so many traditions have made it a place that we love. As much as we miss Oregon, it makes it that much more special to visit. Now that our kids are older at 10, 8 & 5, the opportunities for kids are endless.

  2. Great post today! I loved it! And lived it… With you, love! Wouldn’t have it any other way… Your wife

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