Saturday night was a night when some people went out to dinner, some people went to the movies, and some people stayed home and cheered on college football.  I’m sure there are countless other things that people did – but Saturday night one of the sweetest moments in San Diego happened in a boat gliding across the waters surrounding downtown.

Neal and Laura have been dating now for just over a year.  It was one year ago that they officially gave it the Facebook go-ahead, as well as finally letting the words slip past the front teeth … “I love you.”  So Neal knew that at the one-year mark of these words, it was a green light to ask for her hand in marriage.

Laura thought they were driving down from LA to experience one last San Diego memory that Neal had wanted to show her last May (both now live in the Bay Area).  They came down and stopped off at a Starbucks to change their clothes.  It was then officially “game on” as they rounded the corner into the San Diego Yacht Club and boarded a boat made for a king, a prince, or a serious “rich dude.”

Neal gave some excuse as to how this all came about and on board they went.  Blanket, picnic basket, fun appetizers, and somewhere beneath the cheese in the ice chest was a 1+ carat ring!  (Love that!)

Eventually, the boat turned the corner and headed back toward Point Loma.  The speed slowed down just a smidge and Neal knew – this is it!  He stood.  Laura wondered what he was doing.  Neal said, “Why don’t you stand with me as we head back into the harbor?”  Laura did.

Neal went to one knee, his voice became serious, and he talked about the past year.  “I have loved you for the year, but I want to love you for your life!”  The ring came out, then the tears … the “Yes” was received, and the embrace and kiss were on!

As they sat back down onto the front of the boat, excited for all that was before them, it became apparent that the surprises had just begun.  On the dock were a cast of 30+ family and friends, more festive drinks, and of course, peanut butter pretzels!  Turn on the Mat Kearney!

After about an hour the group walked over to a GREAT spot in Shelter Island called the Fiddler’s Green.  A decorated private room was ready, toasts were had, and smiles were everywhere!

Neal had really thought through all the details.  He had ROMANCED his future wife.  It will be a night never forgotten.  Laura felt valued, Laura felt fought for, and Laura felt like she should, like a princess on a white horse.  (It just happened that the horse was a million dollar yacht!)

Great job Neal – Congratulations Laura!  Love you both!For all of us who have significant others and or spouses . . . we don’t have to wait for an engagement to throw down a little romance.  We can plan a little something anytime.  It’s worth it!

Happy Monday!


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