BEST MEAL EVER (Delivered to our home after surgery)

It’s Saturday!  Marni is off to Fargo where her Grandmother turns 103 today!  I will hold down the fort – mainly, soccer pictures and a soccer game.

This morning I knew what recipe I wanted to share.  Let me tell you how this recipe came to me though — but a little background first.

The background is that we have had (but not for a long time) a lot of medical issues.  It was the type that caused your name to be on a list and then have meals delivered.  Over the years our names were on these lists many times.  It actually caused a little marriage dissension.  I did not like being on the list.  In my practical mind here is what the list meant:  food delivered that wasn’t what I would want, too much food after the meals came daily, plates and baking dishes to return, and awkward conversations at the front door with people I don’t know.

Please don’t be to quick to judge me, you know it’s true if you have been on the receiving end.  I will be the first to admit I would much rather be on the delivery end ANYTIME.

We were new to San Diego (relatively) and we had just had a major surgery in our family.  HIPA requires I don’t divulge who it was, but it was one of the adults in our home and of course, it was not the bald guy writing.  (Stand behind the red line!)

There was a knock on the door and another meal was arriving.  I am going to tell you right now – this was the most unique, simple, and greatest meal delivered in all my meal receiving-days!  It was chicken salad!  It came with bread, romaine lettuce, and some cool dessert.

But this chicken salad caught my attention.  This meal was delivered by a dad in our pre-school, this was unusual from my experience, as most meals were delivered by women, and it was HIS RECIPE!  I emailed him that day, and have made this salad ever since.

Here is how the recipe came to me in the email:

Scott’s Chicken Salad

  • Chicken breasts
  • Low heat 1 hour submerged in water
  • Then shred the chicken
  • Apples diced
  • Celery diced
  • Dried cranberries
  • Mayo
  • Lawry’s Seasoning
  • Pepper

The only addition I made is that I get a Costco rotisserie chicken – which makes it even easier in my opinion.  This April will mark 3 years I have copied this recipe and I have also added one item to it:  chopped walnuts or almonds.

Thanks Scott Schimmel!  You rock! Here is Scott’s blog:

And, here is a free ebook!

Have a great Saturday!  Go deliver some food!


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