I have to tell you that Marni and I experienced something that was – amazing!

We went to a movie on our anniversary weekend.  Our friend Mike recommended this place, and Neal and Laura so generously watched the kids.  We went to a “luxury”  movie theater.


Cinepolis was something that was perfect for us.  We really don’t like waiting in line, we despise getting into the theater where there are no seats and having to sit up front, and we do not like all the ads that show before the movie.  We also don’t eat the “typical” movie food, and so this Cineplis experience for us was amazing!

We made our reservation at home.  We even picked out seats.  We strolled in and sat in the most luxurious seats ever!  We ordered edamame and a vegetable tray – with two club sodas.  We were living it up!  Bring on the “Bourne Legacy!”

If you have never been to a theater like this – do it.  We had to pay $20 for each ticket, but, it’s only $8 more than a normal night out and well worth it.  We will be back!

Below are picks of the hallway around the movie theaters and the front of the theater.  This experience for us made the movie experience more than just the movie.  Hope you get to try one!

Have a great Thursday!


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