GOD IN THE CHAOTIC – #almostmissedit

We had over 40 people to our home last night.  There were many details swirling in my mind as I drove in 30 minutes before the guests arrived.  Here are a couple:

  • Thank you Lord that you gave me Marni!  She has the gift of hospitality.
  • What are the final details I can help with – start the fire, find an extension cord, and make sure outside lights are all on.
  • Ask Marni, “What else can I do?”

As I am running around and helping, I see the “Taco guy” and the “Taco gal” doing their part.  He is cooking, and she is having a fast smoke after setting up all her tables of condiments.

Have you ever had the moment when you actually acknowledge in your own mind – “Am I going to notice this person, these people, this situation or not?”  If you are like me, you see a lot, and you don’t always have to ENGAGE.

There are the handicap, the elderly, the homeless, the beggars, the hard-looking kids, and the people looking for signatures outside of the grocery stores.  There are the scouts selling popcorn,  the girl scouts selling cookies, and the marching band selling coupons.  We can look past people . . . we do look past people.

So, after I realized that I had looked past the “Taco guy” and his “Taco gal” I came back and ENGAGED.  His name was Pep, and her name was Lilly.  We talked about how they were the ones running Luis’s business that night.  We talked about Lilly’s kids, and about Pep’s substitute teaching.  We laughed, and we sneaked a couple bites of meat off the barbecue!

During the prayer – with 40 people gathered as close as 40 can, I mentioned our great cooks – “Thank you Lord for bringing Pep and Lilly to be with us tonight . . .”  Honestly, it didn’t take that much of an effort.

At the end of the night I made sure they knew they could have some of the FAMOUS Julian Pie’s that our great friends the Dillman’s had brought over.  I say all of that to mention these two things that happened at the very end of the night.

  • Lilly said to me that she could not believe the prayer for dinner.  She said that after the prayer she looked over at Pep and he said, “Did you feel that?  I just got chills!”
  • Prior to them leaving, Lilly asked me if I would pray with her.  I said I would be honored.  It was a sweet moment to get a peek into her sweet life.
  • I was humbled as I looked back and realized that all of these could have been missed if I didn’t ENGAGE and if I had looked past.

How about you?  Does this make sense?  Ask the Lord for his EYES and for his MOUTH.  You never know the impact of what to you appears to be small.

Lilly said, “I was meant to be here tonight.”  The Lord can work in any situation.

Bless you,


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