5 THINGS A LIFE COACH DID FOR ME – #andcouldforyou

Here is Dennis and I after a round of golf at Black Butte. Love this guy!

(I have a Life Coach through MCI.  MCI – Ministry Coaching International is an outfit out of Bend, Oregon.  My life coach is a man by the name Dennis Blevins.  You can find him at this email:  dennis@ministrycoaching.org if you have any questions.)

  • My coach allowed me to dream vision via my Life Plan.  This personal document keeps clear and central to my life what is most important to me.  I love that the life plan formed out of solitude as well as looked out into my life 10 years.
  • My coach helped me raise the bar in my life in multiple arenas.  There are many aspects of my life that get attention now that did not get attention before.  Some of Covey’s “quadrant two” activities that are not immediate or urgent are actually getting some quality time.
  • My coach helps me do this:  Focus + Action = Results.  I am so grateful to Dennis for helping me clarify what I want to focus on each two week window.  He not only asks good questions, but, he helps me specifically write out at least four “action plans.”  This has allowed me to achieve more results.
  • My coach gives me ACCOUNTABILITY!  If it ended with the latter, having some focus and a plan, that would be good but not powerful.  The best part is having to check in and receive the question:  How did that go?  I don’t know about others, but for ME this is huge.  Yes, I have been known to get things done just in the “nick of time” and before my call.
  • My coach gives me someone to celebrate WINS with.  I am on my 3rd year with Dennis.  Sometimes I might feel like we are not making as much progress as I want.  Dennis can give encouragement in really significant ways – he has see the progress.  Sometimes he will go back and say, “look at all you have done!”  I love that!

There are Life Coaches out there.  I cannot imagine not having someone around my life who is my life coach.  “What you inspect you can expect.”  I don’t know about you, but I want my life and my time on this earth to count.  So, for me, Dennis is a great asset.


Have a great day!


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