Here are the two “moves” for you to think about in bold:


Script the Critical Moves  “In order to accomplish a goal, or make a switch – you need to determine the most critical moves, and then script their actions.”

Destination Postcard  “A vivid picture from the near-term future that shows what could be possible.”

This past week one of our newest Area Directors, Sullivan, was reading the Book Switch.  We were having our 1 on 1 meeting and I brought my book with underlines and highlights so we could compare.

The two highlights from the above.  They are perfect for what I have before me this week.

  • Critical Moves.  What are the crucial items that need to transpire?  I heard one leader refer to ending each day asking about their “True North” goals and did they make headway on them accomplishing.

For me, there are a couple of items before our Region that need the “Critical Moves” scripted.  This concept works for me.  In the book, the Heath’s talk about some examples where the “Critical Moves” were noted after everyone could see the results.

  • Destination Postcard.  I had a neighbor once, I think it was when we lived in Seattle, who had “destination postcards” all over the house.  I think that a leader can speak-out “destination postcards” to their people.  Yes, this would be vision statements, and vivid images.  I love it when Jesus says to Peter, “This is nothin’, from now on you will be catching men!”  (Scofield Paraphrase – Luke 5)

For me, I think I hunger for “destination postcards.”  I love mini-goals.  How about you?  Maybe this would help you to remind yourself of what something would look like in a month if you accomplished it.  Or, maybe this would be helpful to your people as you lead them to help them describe their “postcards.”

Either way – if you have not read the book Switch, it’s a good one.  I love that Sullivan loves it.  She is a great leader, and she will be even better if she keeps striving to learn more.  Come to think of it . . . last night she had her first official leadership meeting at USD.  I know because I saw a picture on Instagram.  She has certainly scripted the “critical moves!”  Go Sully!

Have a great Monday!


PS:  Sullivan!



  1. Great post Sco. We love what is comfortable. We have to learn to love what is uncomfortable. Only discomfort brings change. Good thoughts.

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