I woke up this morning thinking about questions.  I started thinking about questions that Jesus asked.  I tried to think of everyone I could think of . . . these are the questions that resonated with me.

See for yourself . . . what if these questions were asked of you today by Jesus?  Take off all the religious hats, and just imagine that some guy (who happened to be Jesus) struck up a good conversation with you at Starbucks.  Imagine that you felt 100% safe and could answer what you really had in the depths of your heart.

Five Questions Jesus did ask, and would ask you at Starbucks:

  • “What do you want me to do for you?” (Matthew 20:32)
    • At first glance you might be thinking job, money, relationship, child, marriage, health . . . reflect on this one a bit.  Do you want to see?  Do you want a broken relationship healed?  Do you want to experience life like never before?
  • “Do you want to get well?”  (John 5:6)
    • This question was asked to a person who wasn’t really paying attention.  This seemed like a nonsense question in the context.   It’s a good one though.  Answer this:  What does “well” look like for you?  A child coming back into the family?  An upside down loan made right?
  • “Why are you so afraid?”  (Matthew 8:26)
    • We can let fears run wild, can’t we?  In an election year we can think about the impact on the economy, and how it will impact us, or others around us.  We can fear for our children, and create all types of scenarios in our mind.  What does all this fear and worry accomplish?
  • “What are you looking for?”  (John 1:38)
    • I have a friend on his last days of life right now.  I wonder how he would answer this question now verses 20 years ago.  As I walk around our neighborhood I see lots of searches going on . . . lots of looking.  Heck, put a Sunday paper in my hands and all I see is what I am looking for . . .
  • “Do you really love me?”  (John 21:16)
    • Do you?  This is at the end . . . one of the blogs I want to write, we will see if I do, is an open letter to past Young Life kids.  It would be to the kid who I KNOW loved Jesus, but who, years later, kids later, jobs later, cars later, bills later, Saturday soccer games later – well, they have somehow lost sight of Jesus.  He does not relate to LIFE.  What impact would it be if they went back and loved Jesus first.

This is what I woke up thinking about.  I pray today that these questions from Jesus to you (at Starbucks) will be insightful and helpful.  Take some time today . . . maybe over a cup of coffee and see how Jesus’ questions could sink all the way from 2000 years ago into a heart in 2012 . . . maybe even yours!

Have a great day,




      1. Eric, I imagined Jesus asking me that first question a few months before Matt left for Mayo Clinic. As you know Matt was on a feeding tube, had lost 50 pounds, was suffering every minute of every day and had been for 2 years! He had missed his senior year and look liked a concentration camp survivor. We his parents, were helpless and hopeless. I imagined Jesus asking me the question,”What would you like for me to do for you?” My answer was, “I want you to show me where you are in this nightmare?” I then saw myself in a cave. It was pitch black and I could not see the hand in front of my face,but I knew Jesus was with me and I knew he was leading me through the darkness! I didn’t know where the road lead but He did so I clung to Him!

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