It’s Transformation Friday . . . where we look at something that has been transformed.  It could be a person, a relationship, or a program.  Today, we will interview John Byard.

John is a Young Life veteran.  He moved a number of years ago from Arizona to San Diego to lead the non-existent College Young Life.  Now, starting his 5th year it is one of the largest Young Life college programs in the country.  We could just talk about the change and impact of College Young Life — where we went from 1 trained volunteer leader to over 130!  Instead, John is in many ways 1/2 the man he use to be . . . So, here is John Byard’s interview on his transformation.

Very simply, John went from 250 down to 190 — 60 pounds of transformation!
Tell us about your transformation as well as your motivation:

I reached 40 years old and almost 250 pounds and realized I was at a crossroads. I was going into the 2nd half of my life and was deciding that I wanted this half to be different. I grew up always being overweight and did not want to do this for the rest of my life. I was tired all the time and was having trouble being an example for my kids and my God.

How have you kept yourself accountable?

I have done three things to hold myself accountable. 1) I don’t eat after 7pm. This is difficult at times but I try to stick to it.  2) I sign up for and compete in multiple races a year. The first race I did was a triathlon and have done several half marathons and 5k 3) I weigh in every morning!

What tools did you have?

The tools I use may be specific to me…but I will share them anyway. 1) I love to compete and win – so, this is a tool for me. It pumps me up and makes me keep going. For me that has meant competing in races and having a bet with others about my weight.  2) I use an app, Loseit. A great app that helps me track calories and log exercise. It has been very helpful for me.  3) I also use another app called Runtracker – I enjoy running and it helps me as well.

What is your new “lifestyle” and how do you keep it up and not go backwards?

The biggest change in my lifestyle has been my eating. I no longer eat big meals. I really work on portion control and eating way more fruit and veggies. I have also gone with more of a high protein low carb diet full time and I love it. (Pizza being my weak point)   Finally, I exercise at least 4-5 times a week. Run, ride a bike, swim or play golf. I try to burn calories every day in some way.
Have your wife and kids made any comments to you that are worth sharing?

With more exercise comes more time away from the home and my family has been very supportive.  My kids want me to show them my muscles all the time. Lincoln (my oldest child) and my wife did their first 5k last year and had a blast. It has been very fun to see my lifestyle change affect them as well as me.
Be inspired!


PS Here are a couple other pictures of before and after!