What would the people underneath your leadership say about you?  Would they say that you are changing?  Would they say that your leadership is causing movement in you and your organization?  Would they say that YOU are growing in your actual leadership?

Being a leader is not always fun, is it?

Leaders have to be the ones who step out and try things, leaders have to be the ones who think strategically about what is coming, leaders have to project and sometimes face hard facts, and leaders don’t always get thanked for what they do, but instead, criticized for a variety of things.

Today, I want you to think about your own LEADERSHIP.  I want you yo think of a few words and give yourself an honest assessment and then do something today about the direction you want to go for the 2012-2013 year ahead.  Ready?  OK, here we go!


  • Are you a changing leader?  Can people tell that you are changing in your own life?  One person said of a leader they worked under, “I can always tell what kind of a book my leader is reading, because they are always trying to live out and change with some of the ideas.”  One trait about a leader that is not a liability, but a strength is that a leader is willing to change, and even abandon some direction for a course of action.



  • Are you a leader that is moving?  Moving means you are going somewhere from where you are right now.  Moving is exciting, it is changing things around, and it is certainly building momentum.  As you head into this fall, what are you striving toward, moving into, or attempting to make happen?  Do the people around your life sense that you are “moving”?  The opposite of this is stagnation.  People don’t want to follow a stagnant leader.


  • As a person, are you growing?  Physically, spiritually, and emotionally are you growing?  If someone came into your office today from two years ago in your life, who had worked with you, would they see that you have indeed – GROWN.  This was what started the entire Life Coaching for me personally, and why I hired my coach, Dennis.  I was not growing.  The list in my journal had become the same list year after year . . . As you personally grow, guess what?  The people around you grow.


Questions to ponder:

  • What does Change mean for you?
  • What does Moving mean for you?
  • What does Growth mean for you?

Closing story

This past year, (November of 2011) I went to Ben Crane’s team meeting.  Ben is a PGA golfer who has a team of 6 people around his life, his golf, his organization.  Here is a guy who from the world’s standpoint is very successful.  I could give you many more of the details but I will comment on just this.  Why did we have this meeting?

Ben was committed to being the best he could be.  He wanted to make sure that he was changing and evolving as a leader, golfer, and family man.  Ben wanted to make sure that he and his team had specific areas of his life and golf that he could grow in.

Finally, Ben took the time to set up some specific areas of his personal life to grow in.  I was impressed with this experience, as he had just come off winning a golf tournament at the McGladrey Classic and here he was – asking about these three words:  Change, Move, Grow.

Have a great day –


PS  Here are Five Ways to Change, Move, and Grow that I thought of, and I am sure you could think of more.

  • Take a ½ day away and reflect on how you want to change
  • What was the last thing you were given a “lesson” on, because it was so new.  Is there something you want to learn?
  • How about taking your “team” away for a night, and dream about your organization and where it can go?
  • Sign up for a seminar or a two day course that will help you improve a skill that you need sharpened
  • Get some form of a coach – a nutritionist, a trainer, a life-coach, a therapist, or even a “head hunter” if you are really wanting to see what’s out there!

3 thoughts on “#CHANGEMOVEGROW

  1. I have watched you live out this post this last year and it has helped me be a better leader. Thank you!

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