Back in the Box – Clear the Clutter!


I heard a talk one time where the theme throughout was, “It all goes back in the box.”  It was a great talk, and still is, as I frequently quote it.  Yesterday Marni and I went on a walk in Rancho Bernardo.  We saw a sign for “Estate Sale,” and so we went.  I am unsure of the whole story, but could surmise that it was an elderly person who had either moved or passed away.


There were boxes, boxes, and more boxes of everything.  National Geographic was in boxes by the hundreds, brand new and unopened airplane models, dishes, books, and of course, clutter.  We walked out with nothing except a burden on our heart for a few things.

  • A reminder that we all die (It all goes back in the box!)
  • A conviction of removing clutter – what do we need really?
  • A desire to simplify
  • A sense of wanting to “give away” now, verses, later

In the book “Ordering Your Private World,” which I read a long time ago. Gordon MacDonald says something to this effect:  “You can tell what state a person’s interior life is like by looking at the exterior of their life.  A car, a bedroom, and a desk tells you a lot about a person.”

In the beginning of the book there is a “Memo to the Disorganized”, which states: “If my private world is in order, it will be because I am convinced that the inner world… must govern the outer world of activity.”  I will not spoil the book nor review it, but tell you that the chapters on Time Management, Wisdom and Knowledge, Spiritual Strength, and Rest are all insightful and helpful.

Today, clear some clutter, spend some reflective time, and be ready for a new week.  Here is a “clutter clear” list for you to think about:

  • Pick three surfaces in your life – and clear them.  As you come across items on the surface,  use this as a guide when you come upon items:   “Do it, Delegate it, Delete it”
  • Get your car ready for the week – empty it out, remove everything as if you were selling it, get it cleaned, and fill it with gas.
  • Go through your closet – if you have not worn anything in your closet for over a year – give it away.
  • Take two big boxes, and go through all your living space.  Fill them with extras – could be anything, and give the boxes to a thrift store or Goodwill.
  • Clear out your voicemail – write them down, and return all calls.
  • Empty your email inbox back to ZERO.


Have a great, cleared-out Monday – and remember, “It all goes back in the box!”

Eric Scofield

One thought on “Back in the Box – Clear the Clutter!

  1. Good stuff. You read my mind. Took three bags to the goodwill last weekend, listed stuff for sale, and taking all 8mm and VHS tapes in today for transfer to DVD. It does take a continuous effort to stay clean……………….

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